July 24, 2024

Dangers of Pipe Leaks

When it comes to leaks, you may find them a nuisance. The constant dripping sound that they cause can be grating. However, they can become a bigger problem in the long run. Suffice it to say, these problems will no go away on their own, and while you can sometimes fix them yourself, professional help is always better.

A simple leak could signal even worse issues amounting to your drainage and piping systems. So, instead of letting the problem fester, you need to put your trust in an outside source. The moment a leak occurs, call on Sewer Squad for 24/7 plumbing and drain specialists in Oshawa, ON.

What Causes a Leak?

Leaks can happen at any time in any part of your home. This means there are plenty of reasons the issue may hit you:

  • While pipes can last decades, they are prone to wear and tear. Cold weather can cause pipes to expand and contract, which causes cracks.
  • Metal pipes are susceptible to corrosion, which causes them to weaken.
  • If your water pressure is too high, it can lead to buildup, which will add to the chances of a crack in your pipes.
  • A faulty installation is also a common occurrence. Make sure your plumbers are well-equipped and have plenty of prior experience, like the team at Sewer Squad.

Some common signs that you have a leak include higher water bills, dripping sounds, or a massive change in your water meter levels. Make sure you are keeping a keen eye and ear out for any of these possibilities.

Further Consequences

If you ignore your pipe leaks, you are at risk for the following problems, all of which are costly:

Mold Growth

Specifically, with your pipes, you could notice water seeping through your walls and ceilings when a leak continues to fester. Along with discoloring these areas of your house, mold can begin to grow as it feeds off of moisture. Along with being unappealing to look at and smell, it can cause health issues.

Breathing in the mold for an extended amount of time can lead to respiratory issues. This can be even riskier for those who have asthma or COPD. You will also be forking out a lot of money over time to get carpet cleaning and mold remediation services done.

Warping and Discoloration

Even if you do not have carpeting, this water seepage can lead to problems for the aesthetics of your home. Wooden floors are only so sturdy, and if they get wet, they can quickly weaken. This can cause them to warp or even wear out.

As previously stated, water leaks in your walls and ceiling can also cause yellowing or browning to form. If the problem amasses enough, it can also cause cracks or pieces of your ceiling to fall through entirely. All of this leads to expensive repairs that could have been avoided by calling in plumbers from Sewer Squad early on.


The direst problem you could come across if you let leaks fester is flooding. After a while, your leak can cause your pipe to crack to the point of bursting. If you already have gaps or cracks in your home, this water will spew through in an instant. As water likes to flow o low areas, you are even more likely to find flooding within your basement.

Flooding can be terrifying, as it is hard to fix in a pinch. Important items can become damaged in an instant, and if it continues for a long time, they can affect other parts of your home. Along with the costs of flood restoration, you will have to think about the costs of the items that need to be replaced. However, some items like photos cannot be bought, and memories are gone forever.

Call Ontario’s Finest in an Instant

To avoid these terrible problems, you need to call in a plumber the moment a sign shows itself. Sewer Squad has been helping residents of Ajax, Oshawa, Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton, ON, for over 20 years. This means that they know how to fix the issue with ease.

Even better, they can be called any time of day, so you are sure to get instant relief. They want to keep you cared for the same way they would want to be, so you are guaranteed to be pleased.

Leaks can happen to anyone at any time. Your best bet is always to keep Sewer Squad on speed dial. Contact them for your peaks, and any other possible plumbing need you may have instantly!

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