Best Non Stick Pan Review 2017


Best Non Stick Pan 

  • If you love eggs and other fried delicacies like I do, you need to get your own Best Non Stick Pan from the best there is in the market. Not just getting any brand but the one that will serve your purpose. Maybe, you are yet to pick one or you have tried several non-stick pans in the market but haven’t been so lucky, we have prepared an all-encompassing detail on the best non stick pan to aid your decision so read on and make an informed choice today.
  • Best Non Stick Pan Overview

When you see the word “non-stick” associated to a cookware, it simply means that no matter what you fry in it, there will be no case of the food sticking to the pan. This is one good thing about using the non-stick pan. It has a surface coating that is responsible for that thereby making cooking a neat affair. Not just cooking, but washing as well. Of course! If the food didn’t stick, you can wash it in just a few seconds.

Apart from this, non-stick pans are safe to use because they don’t react to acids like wine or tomatoes. They also make cooking very easy and economical because they take less fat to fry your food. You don’t need to spend that additional money on oil.

Also, if you want cooking to be fast, a lighter pan will be the best choice because it will heat very fast. One big disadvantage is that your pan may not last long. So the choice of a heavier pan that last long should be your priority. The only setback with this is that; heavier pans tend to be slow in heating, but they are worth using although it may cost an extra cash. Well, it will be worth it after all, if your pan heats very fast and burns your food, what’s the gain?

Another thing that will encourage you to get a slow heating pan is when you consider the health benefits. Yes! A very hot non-stick pan can release toxic chemicals that are harmful to health and have been known to kill birds. So you need to use them under a low temperature.

Unique features of best non stick pan

You may wonder what the craze for non-stick pans is all about and why you need to use one or pick the best amongst them. Well, there are several features associated with the best non stick pan. You need to look out for these before picking any pan for use.

  • It must be PFOA-free.
  • Originally, the non-stick pan by DuPont was Teflon but when it was discovered that its process uses PFOA, a chemical which is a carcinogen, several changes came which resulted in the production of PFOA-free pans. So the first feature to look out for in the Best Nonstick Cookware is if it is PFOA-free.
  • – It has Porcelain coating
  • Yes! This is another good feature of the best non stick pan is that it has porcelain enameled material that makes the surface very smooth like glass.
  • – It has ceramic coating
  • Ceramic material is also a coating material you can see on great pans because it makes the surface very smooth thereby stick resistant. This material is also a good conductor of heat which makes searing protein very fast and easy.
  • – It is hard-anodized.
  • This term as used to refer the best non stick pan means that the pan can serve dual purposes while cooking. You can use it on an open fire and also in the oven. Wonderful! Right?
  • – It has a helper handle.
  • The best pan has a handle that will enable you to lift it easily when there is food in it.
  • – Best non stick pan is easy to clean wash and dry after use.
  • Other features associated with the best non stick pan is: a bottom is flat, rounded, smooth or raised interiors which can all contribute to give you good results while cooking.

How to use the best non stick pan

No matter how good a non-stick pan is, there are certain things you should be careful with when using it.

  •  – The oil; Yes! The best oil to use for best non stick pans should be: peanut oil, corn oil, refined olive oil etc. This is because they can get very high before you say “jack”. So to be on a safer side, use these fats or other with high smoke points.
  •  – Don’t use for complete baking; baking in an oven need higher temperature which is above what your pan is made for. So it is best to avoid using it in an oven for a long time.
  •   – Vary its temperature; while preparing sauces, simmering or warming, use low heat on your pan. For frying, stir-frying, sauntering, grilling, medium heat is the best. But when you need to boil or reduce the liquid, you can go as high as it takes.

There are other things that you must put in mind while using the best non stick pan. I call them “the dos and don’ts”

 – Replace your pan as soon as it damages; this will help you to achieve your aim of using it in the first place.

  •  – Avoid using your pan when it is deeply scratched. This will prevent food from sticking on it
  •  – Always use nylon, plastic or wooden utensils on your pan. This will prevent damages
  •  – Don’t heat your pan too quickly. It is different from aluminum
  •  – Cleaning with steel wool can damage your pan
  •  – Stack your best non stick pan is a bad idea
  •  – Wash with hand and avoid the dishwasher for longevity

Why use the Best non stick pan

There are things you should consider before you decide to get the best non stick pan. The following points will guide you;

  •  – Purpose; this is the guide for your decision. What will you use the pan for? Frying, baking, simmering, best non stick pan serves multi-purposes.
  •  – Cleaning; these pans are non-stick meaning that it will take you lesser time to clean or wash them after use, unlike the aluminum pans.
  •  – Lesser oil; well, for healthy living, these non-stick pans are your friend when you want to enjoy a low-fat diet because they take little oil or butter to give you great outcomes in your cooking.
  •  – Durability; best non stick pan remains stylish and new no matter how long you use it. It keeps your kitchen looking modern all year round.
  •  – Time; best non stick pan cooks food very fast because of even distribution of heat associated with ceramic materials thereby saving your time and money.
  •  – User booklet; the best comes with a booklet that will direct you on how to use your pan thereby making things easier for you.

Frying an egg without oil

  • Foods like eggs, pancakes and other sticky types are easier cooked on these pans for great results.

Using your best non stick pan with ease

Best non stick pans make cooking an enjoyable affair, especially when you get the right one to serve your purpose. However, there are certain setbacks when it comes to using the non-stick pan, although they are not serious but you should bear them in mind.

Some of the setbacks you should bear in mind about non-stick pans are that some types are not washed in the dishwasher while some are not meant to be used in the oven. Many of us would rather load the dirty plates and pots into the dishwasher and allow it do the job.

Unfortunately, some of the best non stick pans can only be washed with hands and not the machine. Nevertheless, you can avoid this situation by making sure that you pick a pan that can be washed in the dishwasher

The second setback is that some are not made for the oven. This will only affect you if you prefer baked food to fried food like me. In order to be on the safe side while picking your non-stick pan, find out if you can use that particular brand in the oven or not. Also, find out if it can be used for some minutes in the oven. Yes! Some pans can but for a stipulated period of time. Unless you don’t mind.

Even though the best non-stick skillets/pans are of great importance in your kitchen, these two common mistakes should be avoided so that your choice pan will serve its purpose and also last for a very long time. This is because if you use it in the oven or the dishwasher and it damages, you will be disappointed and the extra cost will put a dent in your income.

Best Non Stick Pan Reviews

After testing several brands out there in the market, based on their unique features, materials and ability to serve its purposes, we are able to come up with five best non stick pans for your cooking needs. These non-stick pans will serve your cooking needs and also last for a long period of time.

As you check them out, you can make an informed choice today by selecting the one that will be suitable for you.

GreenPan Paris 10 Inch Ceramic Non stick pan

GreenPan is one of the newest additions of non-stick pans in the market. Based on our study, it is one of the best ceramic frying pan. It has the following features

         Best Non Stick Pan              Best Non Stick Pan

  •  – This ceramic non-stick pan is PFAS and PFOA-free so it is very safe for use.
  •  – Apart from this, the pan can resist scratch meaning that it can last for a very long time before you think of replacing it.
  •  – When it comes to cleaning, you can either wash with hands or use your dishwasher to wash it. Amazing right?
  •  – Another wonderful thing is that you can use it in your oven, unlike others that can’t accept the heat.
  •  – The white ceramic coating promotes even distribution of heat which means that you can lift food easily from the pan after cooking.
  •  – This best non stick pan is very light and beautifully designed.
  •  – The pan is very durable with a hard anodized exterior.
  •  – It is very cost effective.
  • Best Non Stick Pan

Best Non Stick Pan

The downside to this non-stick pan is that it has a limited warranty.

Kyocera CFP26BK Ceramic Coated Nonstick 10-inch Fry Pan

This is a product of Kyocera, a Japanese company popular for making high-quality pans and knives all with ceramic materials. This non-stick pan has unique features that informed our decision.

         Best Non Stick PanBest Non Stick Pan

  •  – It is PTFE, PFOA, and cadmium-free.
  •  – This best non stick pan has a thick aluminum base under a stainless steel plate.
  •  – Kyocera plate heats quickly and also distribute heat evenly thereby avoiding stickiness
  •  – The pan is light to lift with a durable stainless handle that makes handling very comfortable.
  •  – This pan is safe to use in the oven with a maximum heat of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  •  – This non-stick pan is resistant to scratch and abrasion thereby making it very durable.
  •  – It is the best non stick pan for eggs due to its slick surface.
  •  – This pan is recommended for all cooking surfaces.
  •  – It is also easy to clean.

Best Non Stick Pan

  • Scanpan Classic 9-1/2-Inch Fry Pan

In our search, this is one of the best non stick pan from a Denmark cookware company which has been in the industry for more than 60 years. The pan has unique features as listed below:

Best Non Stick Pan

  •  – It is PFOA-free because it is made with Green Tek technology thereby making it safe like other pans.
  •  – This is also responsible for the non-stick surface.
  •  – ScanPan has a ceramic titanium finish that allows the use of metal utensils on it and will not scratch.
  •  – This pan is made with pressure-cast aluminum, which has low sides making it the best non-stick for eggs.
  •  – The Squeeze-cast aluminum body results to optimal heat distribution to ensure a consistent performance while cooking
  •  – Another great feature of this non-stick pan is that you can use it in your oven on a heat of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  •  – As for cleaning, it is safe to use your dishwasher, although you can hand-wash it to preserve its surface chemicals.
  • Best Non Stick Pan


  • Best Non Stick Pan
  • This product also comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturers.

Fissler Crispy Ceramic non-stick pan

This is one of the best non-stick pans out there for you. The special features are as follows:

  •  – It has a ceramic non-stick coating; a very high-quality one that takes a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius.
  •  – The pan is oven-friendly, so it serves you well when you need to bake your fish or meat.
  •  – The edges of the pan make pouring of sauces or other liquids very fast and drop-free. This helps you to cook faster and washer faster too.
  •  – This best ceramic frying pan is scratch-proof making it safe to use your metal spatula on it.
  •  – Due to the ceramic coatings, you can be assured of crispy food anytime you use it.
  •  – Also, the bottom surface of this ceramic non-stick pan can be used on any heat source as well as induction.
  •  – The bottom surface also promotes even heat distribution for a consistent result.

The downside to this great brand is that you should not use olive oil on it, but you can use sunflower, coconut oil or butter. This brand is not dishwasher safe as well. It can only be washed with hands. Also, the product is not designed to be used in the oven. However, it comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturers.

Swiss Diamond 10.25 non-stick pan with lid

This is a medium sized pan which comes very handy to be used around the kitchen especially for simple jobs. It has great features as well and is worthy of your investment.

Best Non Stick Pan

  •  – This wonderful non-stick pan is made with PTFE non-stick
  •  – It is versatile in nature and can be used for medium tasks like frying, searing and sauntering.
  •  – The handle of this non-stick pan stays cool up to 260 degree Celsius making it safe to lift after cooking.
  •  – The pan allows for the use of metal utensils without having any scratches on it.
  •  – For those who hate to wash with their hands, this non-stick pan is the best for you because you can use your dishwasher.
  •  – This non-stick pan also last for a very long time. You don’t need to worry about peeling or cracking.

          Best Non Stick Pan                    Best Non Stick Pan

Best Non Stick Pan

The downside to this brand is that it is not made by Dupont, it uses PTFE non-stick which is the same material as Teflon.

Final Verdict

Based on our experiment Greenpan Paris 10” Ceramic Non-stick pan came out as the best among the few products we tested. It has complete features and also very safe as it is PFOA-free. This brand can be washed in the dishwasher, used in the oven and also scratch resistant.

We were able to select these additional four non-stick pans as some of the best non-stick pans that will be worth your investment: Kyocera Ceramic Coated non-stick pan, Scanpan Classic 9.5” non-stick pan, Fissler Crispy Ceramic non-stick pan, Swiss Diamond 10.25 non-stick pan with a lid.

These pans met several criteria which they were measured with both in safety, durability, and performance. Although there are several other non-stick pans out there, you can start from the above five to make your choice.


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